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11 August 2017

Report from the UK Shape of Training Steering Group

The UK Shape of Training Steering Group (UKSTSG), chaired by Professor Ian G Finlay, has today published its report providing policy advice and structure to guide implementation of the recommendations from Professor David Greenaway’s independent Shape of Training review.

Notes to editors

Professor Ian G Finlay, Senior Medical Officer, Scottish Government, chaired the UKSTSG. The Membership included representatives from the following stakeholders:

  • The 4 UK Departments of Heath
  • Health Education England (HEE)
  • NHS Education for Scotland (NES)
  • Wales Deanery
  • Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency (NIMDTA)
  • The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AOMRC)
  • The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Trainee group
  • The British Medical Association UK (BMA UK)
  • The General Medical Council (GMC)
  • The Medical Schools Council (MSC)
  • Chair of the UK Conference of Postgraduate Medical Deans (COPMeD)
  • NHS Employers (England)
  • Patient Forum

17 February 2015

Update on implementing the Shape of Training recommendations

The UK Shape of Training Steering Group will oversee a number of development activities which will explore how medical training might be adapted to meet future patient and service needs. Download the Steering Group’s statement (pdf).

04 March 2014

The implementation of the Shape of Training recommendations

The four UK Departments of Health agreed at the UK Scrutiny Board in February 2014 to form a steering group to consider how to take forward the report’s recommendations. We await the setting of a first meeting.

29 October 2013

Press release - Shape Of Training Review: A new way of training doctors for a changing healthcare landscape

A new way of training doctors is needed for a changing healthcare landscape, according to the final report from the Shape of Training Review published today. Patients and the public will need doctors who are able to provide general care in broad speciality areas across a range of different settings.

The UK healthcare environment is changing rapidly, with significant medical, technological and scientific advances coupled with changes in the demands on the healthcare system, higher patient expectations, a growing and ageing population and increasingly complex medical conditions.

The Shape of Training Review examined postgraduate medical education and training in the UK to ensure that doctors now and in the future are able to meet the changing needs of patients, society and health services.

Other recommendations from the Shape of Training Final Report include:

  • Following broad specialty training, doctors will go on to train in more specialised areas where there are local patient and workforce needs.
  • Medicine has to be a sustainable career with opportunities to change roles and specialties throughout doctors’ careers.
  • Full Registration should move to the point of graduation from medical school, provided there are measures in place to demonstrate graduates meet the GMC's standards at the end of medical school.
  • Implementation of these recommendations must be carefully planned on a UK wide basis to ensure minimum disruption to service.

Author of today’s report Professor David Greenaway said:

‘Patients’ needs are changing fast and we need to ensure that medical training keeps pace.

‘Today’s report sets out a framework for delivering this. It will ensure that the training doctors receive continues to be of the highest standard and meets the increasingly complex demands of future medical care.

‘I trust the Government, and all those that work in and with the health service will adopt and use the report to steer the changes in postgraduate medical education and training to meet patient needs and ensure that doctors in the UK continue to receive the highest quality training.’

View the final report Securing the future of excellent patient care: Final report of the independent review Led by Professor David Greenaway

12 March 2013

Shape of Training review update

We would like to thank those that made a written  submission to the Shape of Training review. The call for written evidence closed on 8 February and we are pleased to report that we received around 400 responses which the review team is now busy analysing.   

Themes that emerge from the written responses will form the foundation for the next round of discussions relating to the review.  We are currently arranging oral evidence sessions with around 40 organisations that have a critical stake or influence in the review. These will take place between April and the end of June.   

We are also planning a series of workshops for students, LETBs, doctors in training, GPs, academics and patients. This will be an opportunity for each group to discuss the emerging themes from their particular perspective on training.  The student event is now confirmed to take place in Nottingham on 22 March.  Other dates and venues are still being confirmed - if you’d like to find out more about these, please contact

GP's view on the Shape of Training Review

We have also been gathering opinion pieces from people involved with training. This month’s opinion comes from Dr Ben Brown who is a third year GP Registrar and is also Chair of Royal College of GPs Associates in Training Committee.  Find out what the Shape of Training review means to him on our have your say page.

31 January 2013

Shape of Training Review – call for ideas and evidence by 8 February

The Shape of Training Review call for written ideas and evidence closes on 8 February. The views and experiences of those involved with training are critical to the review. If you have any questions regarding your written submission, please contact the Shape of Training Review team on: 020 7189 5330.

Following the close of the call for written evidence, evidence gathered will be summarised into a report intended for release in early June. This report will help direct further discussions via workshops and oral evidence sessions over the next four months. 

12 November 2012

Press release - Help needed to shape doctors’ training

Doctors, medical students, patients and healthcare professions are being urged to take part in a major independent review of UK postgraduate medical education and training.

The Shape of Training review wants to hear from people across UK healthcare who have a view on how doctors should be trained in the next 30 years.

The review is being led by Professor David Greenaway, Vice-Chancellor of Nottingham University. Professor Greenaway and his team are asking for views on a number of major themes, including: 

  • What kind of doctors will patients need in 30 years’ time?  
  • What balance will be needed between specialists and generalists?  
  • How can training be made more flexible to meet the changing needs of the health service and patients?  
  • How do these elements affect the content, length and end of training?   

Professor David Greenaway said:

‘The role of doctors is changing rapidly against a backdrop of medical, technological and scientific advances. Evolving healthcare and population needs, changes to healthcare systems and changing patient and public expectations will all affect how doctors will practise in the future.

‘Shaping the doctors of the future is a hugely important task and we need to consider how postgraduate medical education and training should change to continue to meet the needs of patients and health services in the future. 

‘Our call for ideas and evidence will be an invaluable chance for us to hear your views and will give everyone with an interest an opportunity to influence this work.’

The feedback gathered will help build up evidence about the ways postgraduate medical education and training could be reformed.  

It will also help gauge how any proposed changes are likely to affect different key groups such as patients, doctors in training and organisations responsible for training doctors and employers. It will also help to plan oral evidence sessions next year.  

The written call for ideas and evidence will run from 8 November 2012 until 8 February 2013.   

For more information and to take part in the consultation see the Shape of Training website.  

06 November 2012

The independent Shape of Training review continues to make good progress. 

Seminar places still available

A series of seminars have been planned to discuss the key themes from the review, which are:

  • Balance of the medical workforce: generalists vs. specialists
  • Flexibility in training   
  • The work/ training balance      
  • The needs of patients     
  • The breadth and scope of training

These seminars are aimed at those with responsibilities relating to medical education and training – eg colleagues at deaneries, colleges and local education providers.

They are taking place in Cardiff on 15 November 2012, London 7 December 2012, Edinburgh 10 December 2012, Manchester 8 January 2013 and Belfast 23 January 2013.

There are a limited number of places still available - to find out more please contact the Shape of Training events team at:                  

Site visits and emerging themes

In addition to the seminars above, a series of site visits have been planned to gather the views and experiences from those at the frontline of training.

The first visit was on 11 October when Professor David Greenaway went to Altnagelvin Area Hospital in Northern Ireland.

The next planned site visit is to Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton on 22 November. 

Written call for evidence launches on 08 November

Finally the review is overseen by an expert advisory group who have met twice, with their most recent meeting on 24 October.  Following the group’s advice, a written call for evidence will launch on 08 November.

15 August 2012

The first meeting of the Expert Advisory Group took place last month on 17 July.

The group discussed terms of reference, key issues of the review, the communication and engagement programme and possible research and evaluation to support the review.

For more details on this meeting please visit the Work of the Expert Advisory Group page.

16 July 2012

The first meeting of the Expert Advisory Group is taking place tomorrow (17 July).

The meeting is an important step in the Shape of Training review.

It will be the first time the Chair of the review, Professor David Greenaway and members of the group have got round a table to discuss detailed plans for taking the review forward.

In supporting the Chair, the role of members of the advisory group is to provide him with independent expert assistance.

The agenda and minutes of the meeting will be published on the Work of the Expert Advisory Group page following the meeting.

01 March 2012

Professor David Greenaway, Vice-Chancellor of Nottingham University, will lead the review of UK postgraduate medical education and training.

The review is jointly sponsored by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the General Medical Council, Medical Education England, the Medical Schools Council, NHS Scotland, NHS Wales and the Northern Ireland Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety.

The purpose of the review is to shape the way doctors are trained in the UK to make sure they are equipped to meet the changing needs of patients, society and health services.

The review will consider areas such as the proper balance between specialisation and generalism in medicine and how to balance the workforce demands of health services with the learning needs of trainees.

For further information see the news release on Medical Education England's website (pdf).