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Sponsoring Board

The Shape of Training review of postgraduate medical education and training was jointly sponsored by:

Together, these organisations were called the Sponsoring Board.  

The Chair

Professor David Greenaway, Vice-Chancellor of Nottingham University, was appointed by the Shape of Training Sponsoring Board to lead the review.

Professor Greenaway chaired an Expert Advisory Group (EAG) whose aim was to help him identify issues and potential options for changes to postgraduate training.

Members of the group were selected for their independent expertise and advice rather than as representatives of their organisation.

The group had the opportunity to consider written and oral submissions from stakeholders, research evidence, site visits, feedback from focus groups and other events.

The Executive

The executive body for the review was provided jointly by the GMC and MEE with the GMC providing secretariat support - including policy and communications developments. The executive was made up of:

  • Vicky Osgood, Assistant Director, Postgraduate Education, GMC who is the Secretary of the Review
  • Stuart Carney, Senior Clinical Advisor, Department of Health (England) who is the Clinical Lead for the Review
  • Richard Marchant, Assistant Director, Regulation Policy, GMC
  • Richard Green, Head of Communication and Development, MEE
  • Paula Robblee, Policy Manager, GMC
  • Jessie Moye, Projects Adminstrator, GMC

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