Who is Browsealoud helpful to?

Browsealoud helps people with low literacy and reading skills, dyslexia, English as a second language and people with a mild visual impairment.

What does Browsealoud do?

Browsealoud reads the content of a website to the user, who can select from a range of voices. It can read all types of content including text, tables, downloadable documents like pdfs and alt text for images.

How it works

The user downloads an application for free. After that they can use Browsealoud on any website that is Browsealoud enabled – this includes the GMC website. The user then moves their mouse to highlight the part of the page which they want Browsealoud to read.

Other Browsealoud features

Browsealoud also has a dictionary facility which allows the user to look up words, the ability for the user to save a chunk of audio onto an MP3 file and listen to it later, and the ability to magnify and change the colour of text and background.

Download Browsealoud now

To download Browsealoud for free, visit Browsealoud’s downloads page.

You can find comprehensive download help in Browsealoud’s download support page.

Help using Browsealoud

Browsealoud provide a really useful Support section where you can find information about downloading, an FAQ, video tour, a PC guide and a Mac guide.

Visit Browsealoud’s support page.

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