About the review

Final Report

The final report has now been published. The report sets out a framework for delivering change and for doing so with minimum disruption to service.

It offers an approach which will ensure doctors are trained to the highest standards and prepared to meet changing patient needs. It also offers an structure of postgraduate medical education and training that will be fit for purpose for many years to come.

You can view the report by visiting the Shape of Training Final Report page.


We gathered evidence, from both individuals and organisations with an interest in postgraduate training, through a number of routes: seminars, site visits, written evidence, oral evidence and workshops.

You can read more about the evidence collected on our Evidence page. This information can also be found in the annexes and appendices of the Shape of Training Final Report.

What is the purpose of the review

The review looked at potential reforms to the structure of postgraduate medical education and training across the UK.

The review’s aim was to make sure we

  • continue to train effective doctors who are fit to practise in the UK
  • provide high quality and safe care and
  • meet the needs of patients and service now and in the future.

What the review will focus on 

Five themes were identified that the review focused on.

  • Patient needs
  • Balance of the medical workforce – specialists or generalists
  • Flexibility of training
  • The breadth and scope of training
  • Tensions between service and training

Read more about the themes of the review.

Why was it felt that a review was needed in the first place?

The review was the latest step on a journey to ensure UK medical education and training can support and respond to society’s needs in the best possible way.

Read more about the background to the review.