At the heart of the Shape of Training review was the aim to listen to and reflect the views and ideas of our many stakeholders. We have now finished gathering evidence via a number of routes: seminars, site visits, written evidence, oral evidence and workshops.

All the evidence gathered over the last 18 months has fed into the final report, which sets out a framework for delivering change and for doing so with minimum disruption to service.

The evidence includes:

  • Descriptive analysis of the themes, ideas and feedback we received in response to our call for written evidence and ideas.
  • Literature review - Review of research and other literature about postgraduate medical education and training based on the themes of the Shape of Training Review.
  • Summary of the site visits - Summary of the themes and issues identified through visits to places across the UK where doctors are trained.
  • Summary of the education seminars - Summary of ideas and feedback from people involved in postgraduate medical education and training. We are able to provide summaries of each seminar upon request.   
  • Descriptive analysis of the themes and ideas identified through oral evidence sessions.
  • Trajectory research - Scenarios to assist in understanding the future demand for, and future demands on, doctors.

This collection of evidence can be found in the annexes and appendices to the final report.