Have your say

This page shows the approach we took to engagement during the review

There were lots of opportunities to have your say during the review.

We were particularly keen to hear the views of medical students, trainee and trained doctors, patients and the public and those who employ or contract doctors' services.

The review met with a large number of key people involved in medical education and training across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We held site visits, seminars and workshops and also commissioned research to help inform the review's discussions and development.

After the call for ideas and evidence we invited a broad range of representative groups and individuals to give oral evidence to tell our Expert Advisory Panel what they thought about postgraduate education and training.

The evidence collected during the review is available in the annexes and appendices of the Final Report.

What happened when?

Call for ideas and evidence

The call for ideas and evidence closed on 08 February 2013. We received almost 400 responses.

We used the feedback from the written answers to help us in two ways:

  • To help identify information or points of view that we wanted to hear more about in oral evidence sessions. These sessions took place between February and June 2013. We invited a broad range of representative groups and individuals to give oral evidence.
  • To build up evidence about the ways postgraduate medical education and training should be reformed.

You can view a descriptive analysis of the themes, ideas and feedback we received in response to our call for written evidence and ideas on the evidence page of this website.

Shape of Training seminars

We completed five seminars in Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.  We would like to thank all those who took part.  

Site visits

We visited a number of sites to talk about postgraduate medical education and training with employers, medical practitioners, trainers, doctors in training, other health professionals, and patients.

Shape of Training workshops

We held a number of workshops around the country in 2013 specifically for GP's, medical students, doctors in training, clinical academics employers and patients.   


During the review we have issued a number of newsletters with information about the review, key dates for activities, progress of the review and themes emerging from review activities.

This newsletter was sent to around 600 subscribers. 

Further information

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